Do Plants Need People?

September 10, 2009

My mom has been an addict of some sort or another since I was five- alcohol, pain killers (she could teach House a thing or two about getting pills), Xanax… she even tried smoking weed once but couldn’t inhale deep enough because of her asthma.

I believed until almost three years ago that it was my calling to save her much to my own detriment. Then I started seeing a fabulous therapist, Dr. G,   and he told me to start focusing on my own family the fetus I was growing. At this point my lovely mother had been in two rehabs in 3 months and almost burned our house down. So I got a plant aand named it Jill (my mom’s name)- I took care of it like my life depended on this plant surviving.

It’s just a basic house plant, the kind you would see in an office.  It has long green leaves and every couple of months, one or two white blossoms bloom and leave fine white pollen all over the wall and the floor. Despite my best efforts, the cats bite at the leaves and so they are all jagged and not very pretty.

I was gone for three weeks in July and honesrly worried as much about Jill as I did my animals. I thought for sure without my diligent care and attention that she was going to die but she ended up being just fine. She was a little droopy and dry but after 15 minutes being watered in the sink, she perked right up and was just fine.  I wasn’t disappointed at all that she had survived without me, she didn’t thrive but she didn’t die either. I still water Jill and talk to her all the time but the pressure is off and I am enjoying her quite a bit more since it’s not life and death anymore. (Yes, I know it’s a plant and yes, I am on medication.)

My mom sent me a letter last week and she has been sober for six months now. She goes to church, attends meetings, and her apartment is clean. (I will leave the hoarding for another day.) One of my sisters even visited her a couple of weeks ago and had a glowing report.

And my mom has accomplished all of this without any help from me whatsoever. I have talked to her maybe five times in the last six months and sent her a couple  of cards. So Dr. G was right that I really did need to focus on my husband and 2 2/3 kids and Mom is great, much better than she was when she had my “help.”

So I guess Jill and Jill have more in common that just their names- neither of them needed me as much as I thought they did. Hallelujah!


3 Responses to “Do Plants Need People?”

  1. mary Says:

    my mother in law hoards too 😦

    love ya teal!

  2. Karissa Says:

    You are so lucky that this post was about something serious, important, and relevant. When I saw the title “Do plants need people?” I at first thought that it was a whimsical post about the supernatural aspects of plants. I almost fired you as my mom on the spot….ALMOST

  3. Diana Says:

    Teal, You are amazing even though we were close friends in highschool & I spent a ton of tim eover at your house I never knew your mother had a problem. At the same time I feel like a bad friend because you never told me and I never noticed. I’m glad your mom’s doing better and that youve been able to focus on your famiyl.

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