I Totally Owe Neil Diamond…

September 18, 2009

As I get closer to Fi’s arrival (and my hormones sky rocket) I find myself reminiscing about meeting Patrick in college. It’s funny how events, especially the life altering ones, come about and how so many of them are a result of mistakes.

Patrick and his buddies had decided to move into a four year dorm- mostly for the freshman girls. But unfortunately, they didn’t look closely at the changes that were occuring with housing and Flo Mo (the one they put as first choice) had been designated for the following year as the dorky dorm At the same time that they were screwing up their housing, I was applying for Stanford’s SLE Program which stood for Structured Liberal Education or “Communists and Dorks “R” Us”. A group of freshman who would study together, live together and endure a fascist stigma for the remainder of their time at Stanford.

Several weeks and bad hook ups with a football player later, I was walking through my dorm when the fabulous song “Coming to America” streamed down the hall. Clearly whoever the hip and fabulous person playing Neil Diamon was needed to be my friend. I literally went from one door to the next, holding my ear up to the door in an attempt to locate its source.  Finally I figured out where it was coming from and knocked.

Patrick emerged in all his frat boy glory from a filthy room. He was wearing a wrinkled button down with cigarettes in the front pocket and hair that nearly rivaled my 80’s do. I think I said something creative like “That’s Neil!” and blinked a couple of times. What really made an impression on me though was that this guy was invading my personal space and it was totally unsettling.

We met up at a Sigma Chi party later that night where he kissed me in front of my friends when I greeted him and here we are almost eight years later, married with almost two kids and a butt-load of pets. How different would my life be if it  wasn’t for Neil!?


2 Responses to “I Totally Owe Neil Diamond…”

  1. chase Says:

    I remember when I met Pat.

    We moved to WPB in January of my 6th grade year. When we first moved, the school didn’t have all my paper work, so I wasn’t put in any gifted classes, but after a month or so, I was transferred into gifted classes for home room, reading, social studies, and maybe a few others.

    First day of home room in Mr Carbon’s class I sit down at an empty desk. A red headed kid with glasses a few desks down immediately introduces himself as Patrick. Even though I’d been in WPB for a month or so by then, I hadn’t really made that many friends, so Patrick was one of the first.

  2. Sister... Says:

    OMG! I totally remember when I met Pat! I had just squeezed out of a vagina, and he saw me and said “That’s great. Dad…can we go see ‘Superman’ at the movie theater, now?” Jerk!

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