What if Fi’s normal?

October 16, 2009

Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about Fiona a ton as her debut looms closer. She is already so different- Kay was a total sprinter in my tummy: big kicks and hits for short periods of time followed by long periods of stillness. She was also better at making me miserable and therefore engaging Patrick.

I received a very accurate glimpse of  Patrick as a dad right around this time when I was pregnant with Kay- she would do this thing where she would jam her toes in my ribs for a couple of minutes at a time and it was sheer torture. We were in a Thai restaurant and I was near tears and all of a sudden Patrick stood up, leaned over my stomach and started lecturing Kay and literally demanding that she move away from my ribs. Other people stopped eating their dinner and just watched us in awe mixed with confusion. I just sat there laughing as he went on and on, super frustrated that this little person already could care less what he wanted.

I know that in the discipline area, I have totally been a disappointment to Patrick. I am the soft one who just wants my baby girl to be happy and poor Patrick has been the tough one. He saw me as a nanny and was just sure he was going to get to be good cop. But alas, that has not been the case. I am sooo not the boss but as The Office has shown all of us, two bosses is really just not the best idea anyway.

So, back to Fi- she is more of a marathon kind of girl. She never really kicks or hits and as of yet has thankfully stayed pretty low. But the kid can move for hours at a time, seriously. Just slow, rolling movements that can last the entire afternoon (luckily I have found that most of the time I sleep through them just fine.) She already kind of seems like an introvert. What the heck are Patrick and I going to do with an introvert?!

What if she’s boring or shy? WHAT IF SHE’S NORMAL?! What if she doesn’t want to read with me and Kay, or doesn’t like the boat, or the beach… WHAT IF SHE GETS PATRICK’S SKIN?! Ugh… what if she doesn’t like watching Survivor? This will be a real test of nature vs. nurture. Kay has fit right into our family and is just like us.  I have a feeling that for better or worse, out of the two of them, Fi will be our little teacher.


One Response to “What if Fi’s normal?”

  1. Shauna Says:

    As a teacher, she may also provide balance. Regardless, she will be in an amazing family with incredible parents!!!!

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