April 21, 2010

So I am going to write every single day, even if it is just “word”- that’s my goal because I feel like this is an incredible outlet for me to express myself. Not that Kay doesn’t understand my witty quips, but I figure I might as well share them with the rest of ya’ll as well…

I am watching the biggest loser and am amazed at these contestants who are working so hard- I think that watching them is a great lesson for me. The are on week 14 and are working ridiculously hard, doing things they have never done before and pushing themselves far beyond what they think they’re capacity is. I am sure it was easy for them in the first couple of weeks to stay motivated when the pounds were falling off by the dozens whereas now they are losing still, but not nearly at the same rate as before and they just keep trucking.

My spiritual journey totally reminds me of this show- I am doing really well and have the instant gratification of feeling the spirit and good about myself and then life keeps going and I stop working as hard because my progress is not where I  want it to be- I have to just keep trucking even if my spiritual growth is not in the double digits. 🙂

It also makes me love Jillian Michaels that much more, to see this little white young lesbian comfort O’Neal- this big black old dude, and see her support him both physically and emotionally makes me think that I can connect with anyone. Seriously.

I had an interesting experience when I was in Oregon last week. There is this market in Eugene, OR called the “Market of Choice” (stupid name, I know) and it has this amazing deli- I bought several different food items and was s uper excited to eat them when I got home! The first thing I ate was teriyaki salmon which was totally not good. Then I ate some bleu cheese and bacon pasta salad, also not good. After that I took a bite of a piece of pizza which was mediocre at best and I was totally frustrated because I had wasted all of the calories and all this money on food that wasn’t very good.

Then I ate some of their mac and cheese that I’d bought for Kay and it was AMAZING!!! Like, one of the best things I had tested in forever and I relished every single morsel.  Every other mediocre bite was totally worth this yummy mac and cheese- I think this is a lot like what life is like, we have to get through all of these mediocre bites to get to that last amazing food, that mac and cheese that makes all of the just okay stuff worth wading through.


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