Day #2

April 22, 2010

So I ordered a treadmill last week that came today and I am so stoked! Of course, Jillian Michaels can talk to me on it through a wireless loud speaker- I was talking to my niece about it and that was the first question she asked me 🙂 I was a runner once upon a time- I ran a couple marathons, did some triathlons, and there are several women around me that are moms and runners which made me think that maybe I can be a runner again.

Perhaps running and motherhood are somehow intrinsically linked. Both acts are continually challenging and addictive despite being difficult on the body… both can be done while watching Oprah!

We shall see how this whole running/walking thing will go- I am sure it will be a walking thing for quite a while. I am trying to accept my body but have found that on the couch eating is not the best way to do that. I think it’s funny that I got my treadmill on Earth day since it will just facilitate more inside time. (Patrick asked if I just wanted to get a jogging stroller and I almost punched him in the face.)

I read this great book called “When You Eat at the Fridge, Pull up a Chair” and it talks about what “feeling fat” is, it really isn’t about your body at all it’s about whatever else a person feels yucky about- I just have to figure out about what that other stuff is. Anybody know what they are actually feeling about when they feel fat?


2 Responses to “Day #2”

  1. Colleen Says:

    So, are you gonna run with me sometime?? I think once the hot summer comes, Jill is going to go in the early am too. It would be fun, come on, you can do it!!!! 🙂
    If we need players, you wanna play Bunco Saturday night??

  2. Lyndsy Says:

    I usually feel fat when I’ve spent a day avoiding stuff I was supposed to do and doing everything I know I shouldn’t be doing if I want to feel good.

    I think it’s when your balance is off. When you’ve let the “Ugh” version of you win for the day. You want to give yourself credit for something, but know, deep down, you haven’t done anything to deserve it.

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