Praying for Mr. Michaels…

April 23, 2010

Good grief, it is amazing what reality tv can do for a person- I was actually genuinely saddened to hear about Bret Michaels and his being in the ICU; the guy just can’t catch a break. (Other than his whole break being a rock star)  I was a faithful follower of “Rock of Love” and even watched him on Celebrity Apprentice a couple of times even though I absolutely hate the Donald. And I genuinely like the guy, at least his tv persona… I will being saying a little prayer for him tonight and hope for the best.

I worked out this morning to Jillian on my new treadmill and it was a religious experience- totally love the thing and think it will be life changing. At the very least it helped me be less irritated with patrick tonight when he taught Kay how to brush her hair with her fork when we went out to dinner. I told him to knock it off and he said, “whatever, Ariel does this in The Little Mermaid- it’s totally cool.”  Kay just looked at him in adoration and I couldn’t help but do the same… good grief.  It was a Mexican restaurant that was playing Mariachi music and Kay was obsessed with the trumpets that were playing over the speakers and was intent on finding them. Poor kid, you’d think she’d understand the concept of surround sound a little better with Patrick as her dad.


One Response to “Praying for Mr. Michaels…”

  1. Lyndsy Says:

    Hmmm…if she’s going to be taking her cues from Patrick you have a lot of work ahead of you…

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