The Beauty is the Beast

April 24, 2010

Today was a rough day with Kay, she is totally starting to test boundaries and see just how far she can push us. Especially Daddy, he is trying not to be a push over but still be gentle at the same time. We have had lots of time outs and ultimatums and she gave me a look that I was hoping I wouldn’t see until she was at least 13. Ugh…

It’s nice to have a partner though, Patrick is super supportive and lets me take the lead- I guess because I was a nanny for so long. Tonight was a sweet end to a rough day though, he rented “New Moon” and wanted to watch it with me because he knew it would make me happy. The truth is, I really didn’t like the first movie and fell asleep part way through and had zero desire to see the second one but for him I would watch a movie of paint drying on a wall.


2 Responses to “The Beauty is the Beast”

  1. Lyndsy Says:

    This is kind of an intriguing post given one of your earlier ones where Patrick’s got to be Mr. Enforcer. Well done you!

  2. teal2715 Says:

    Hello! I told you he rented it and I slept through the whole thing (So really he watched it by himself.)

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