Cheryl & Makeda…

April 25, 2010

Patrick shared this story with me today of a Cheryl and her daughter, 3 year old Makeda Arthur. Makeda is a Hebrew name that means vessel. I wonder what this child’s cup would have been filled with had she lived:,0,7361917.story?page=1

The only person who seemed to take a genuine interest in Cheryl and helped her was Edward Pamplona, and that was unfortunately after Makeda’s passing. What a terrifying and life altering experience- a woman with her dead toddler walking along the side of the road. I would like to believe that I too, would have given her a small moment of respite from the hell that will be the rest of this mother’s life. What an act of service in this woman’s apparently otherwise bleak life. Too bad it came too late.

“Shemika nor her sister, Tahesha Watson, said they ever had a conversation with Arthur.  “She just always looked kind of depressed,” said Shemika Watson.” I wonder what would have happened if at some point in the many days they watched her sorrow, these sisters had approached Cheryl and simply asked her how she was, if she needed anything. Commented that she seemed sad.

At the risk of sounding cliche, it is important that we take care of each other and be kind. Perhaps if given the option, Cheryl would have given Makeda up- said she needed help or felt like she was going to hurt her little girl.  She sat alone, on an overpass, clearly feeling despair beyond what anyone can imagine with no relief in sight for her or her daughter.

Asking what if can be a dangerous endeavor but in this situation a necessary one. What if someone had shown this woman even a glimpse of love and understanding? Had seen her walking despondently with her child yesterday afternoon and offered to walk with her and talk, or even to watch Makeda while Cheryl took some time for herself? How often do I see someone who needs comforting and respond? I think because of this story I will be even more diligent in my efforts to love those around me.

“Because I have been blessed by thy great love dear Lord,

I’ll share thy love again according to thy word.

I shall give love to those in need, I’ll show my love by word and deed.

Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed.”

-Grace Noll Crowell


One Response to “Cheryl & Makeda…”

  1. Lyndsy Says:

    That’s just awful. I can’t even imagine suffering like that. And that poor little girl.

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