A Mini-Massage…

April 26, 2010

Today was an interesting day with Kay. We did some shopping and then she started having some major meltdowns- like, serious screaming, crying, meltdowns, which included her yelling “Help Me” to random strangers as they walked by trying not to stare in complete horror and disbelief at my wild-eyed she-monster.

In contrast Fi was asleep in her sling, oblivious to the reign of terror going on around her. I am so glad I didn’t judge other women with their seemingly terrible children throwing tantrums in public. We had to make one last stop at Aveda so I could replace a hairbrush that I had left in Oregon.  By then Kay was recovering but still difficult and clearly as irritated with me as I was with her.

We walked into Aveda and the man working there offered us tea in little cups so Kay and I both had some (I made sure it was caffeine-free) and she thoroughly enjoyed her little drink and felt like a little grown up.  Then he showed me where my hairbrush was and after making the purchase, the employee asked me if I would like a hand massage.  I guess I had a lovely mixture of exhaustion and frustration all over my face.

Kay was excited about the prospect of Mommy getting a “message” with special lotion so instead of having it done to me, I had him give Kay a hand massage instead. She was completely calm afterwards and clearly felt special. That was the best relaxation treatment I could have possibly received. I highly recommend stopping by there with your little girl (or boy) and seeing if they will give them a hand massage. All of the tension and stress of the previous hour was completely rubbed away. If we were that happy after her little Exorcist stunt, I can’t imagine how great we would feel if it had been a decent afternoon!


One Response to “A Mini-Massage…”

  1. that is a great story. i love that she felt all grown up with her big girl hand massage. who knew it could make the tantrums go away!! awesome!

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