In Case You Can’t See…

May 3, 2010

So as a result of Kay’s new found love of road signs, I ended up buying my own mother’s day present today. I purchased a DVD player for the car and used it tonight on the way home from Stuart. I was definitely looking forward to the peace and quiet (a little Dora in the background) on the hour ride home while Kay watched her movie.

Kay however, was extremely concerned with the fact that I could hear the movie but not see it. She proceeded to narrate and act out for me everything that happened, scene by scene, as well as she possibly could while still strapped in her car seat for the duration of the DVD. She was also sure to yell out the Spanish phrases when necessary in case I missed Dora’s cue and/or forgot to appropriately respond.

Although the car ride was not as peaceful as expected, my 2 year old’s unrelenting efforts to fulfill my need for Dora was way better than any “quiet time” I could have ever had. And way more entertaining.


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