Cut Me Baby One More Time…

May 4, 2010

Fiona had her 4 month post-surgery check up today to make sure her incision had healed okay. It had healed just fine except that she now has an extremely large ventral hernia that will need to be fixed sooner rather than later. This is of course extremely frustrating for me as her mommy. Kay had to have this same surgery right around 18 months and the healing process was no picnic. It is very difficult to explain to a little one why they hurt and can’t move around.

It breaks my heart how much Fi has gone through in her short little life. While I am extremely grateful for our blessings as a family and that her little plight could be much more dire, it still blows. I know that the health problems my girls have experienced were most likely caused by all of the medications I had to be on while pregnant. I guess I should just be glad any of us survived the pregnancies at all. Now the only thing left to survive is potty training Kay…


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