Dreamy MacGyver…

May 10, 2010

So- I locked us out of our house on Saturday and found out that I married MacGyver. He unscrewed the door knob, took a metal handle off a paint can and then was able to stick the metal handle through the hole and somehow managed to push the dead bolt open from the INSIDE! He was a total stud in finding a way for us to get in but more than that, he was really nice to me about locking us out.

It turned out that you shouldn’t make a copy of a copy of a key- the imperfections in a copy, tiny grooves that are created with wear, are exaggerated when carved and then don’t work in the lock for which they are meant.

I totally thought about this with my kids- are my flaws going to be exaggerated in them? I am definitely in many ways a copy of my mother, better or worse. My family says that Kay a “Teal x 10” and just a hyperbollized version of myself. Scary, huh?


One Response to “Dreamy MacGyver…”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Thanks for the tip on making a copy of a copy of keys…and thanks for the step-by-step instructions on how to successfully break into your home! :oD

    Also, we were assigning avatars from the movie “Cars” during make-believe play, and Tom decided that he got to be Lightning McQueen and Karissa got to be “‘Mater.” I’m sorry :o(

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