Do your aluminum balls hang low?

May 14, 2010

La la la – so yesterday was a ridiculous day for us! All was well until Kay was getting out of the car in the garage and somehow fell. Luckily, her fall was broken by her eye. So we went to the pediatrician who said that it was okay, just don’t let her nap since she was a little sleepy and woozy afterwards.

Then after bringing her back home and leaving her with my amazing sitter (who shall remain nameless not because I am protecting her identity, but because I simply don’t want to share her, ever.) I headed back to the pediatrician with Fiona for her check up. My happy sweet child has thrush, a yeast infection and a UTI. So we spent the evening boiling bottles and pacifiers while Kay gave us the stink eye. Oh wait, she just can’t open it all the way.

But amidst all this yuckiness, there was humor everywhere- A bumper sticker that said: “Maine Bumpah Stickah” which cracked me up! Then there was a huge pair of aluminum balls on a truck driven by a 60 year old man that perfectly swayed back and forth as he changed lanes. I ended up being behind him for about 20 minutes on my way to Dr. G and couldn’t stop laughing and smiling despite the day I had had. Whoever thought a pair of aluminum balls hanging off a truck would be my saving grace.


One Response to “Do your aluminum balls hang low?”

  1. oh those aluminum balls are so gross. and the seriously sway so naturally its disturbing. but glad they could brighten up your day.

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