Fairy Poop…

May 29, 2010

Two days ago I was getting ready in the bathroom when Kay walked in and said “Oh, look-fairy poop on the floor. Clean it up Mom!” She was pointing to the spots of light on the tile. I called Patrick to tell him how smart and funny our child was and it turned out he had told her that the little lights on the floor were fairy poop!

I reminded myself of said fairy poop experience this morning when the house was a mess and he sat on his computer looking at news while patiently waiting for me to get everything ready to go for the day. I am reading this book right now called “The Happiness Project”, which is not nearly as lame as it sounds. She addresses marriage quite a bit (surprise, surprise) and I found the following paragraph fascinating:

I was certainly guilty of “unconscious overclaiming,” the phenomenon in which we unconsciously overestimate our contributions or skills relative to other people. (It’s related to the Garrison Keillor-named “Lake Wobegon fallacy,” which describes the fact that we all fancy ourselves to be above average.) In one study, when students in a work group each estimated their contribution to the team, the total was 139 percent. This makes sense, because we are far more aware of what we do than what other people do.

Sometimes I feel like Patrick does nothing at home and I do everything, but clearly this is not actually the case. He does a ton that I don’t do, like staring at the floor with a two year old and finding fairy poop where I would see the grout that needs to be cleaned.


2 Responses to “Fairy Poop…”

  1. Sam Says:

    Fairy Poop?! That’s awesome. We love us some fairies šŸ™‚

  2. heather Says:

    dad’s are fun that way right? maybe it’s because they are not at home all day doing the “daily crap” and then come with a fresh perspective on creativeness? whatever it is i love the fairy poop. that is way cute!

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