I No Longer Bowl Alone…

June 4, 2010

I went to the beach today with a group of women from church. I dragged my two kids, a beach tent, towels, a stroller and many bottles of water and was two and a half hours late. No one sat in the tent, the towels got sand all over the car, the stroller that can supposedly be pushed in the sand had to be carried, and the only water Kay wanted to drink came out of someone else’s Macdonald’s cup that had sand in it and used to be filled with diet coke. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!

This is a great lesson for me that just because things don’t go the way I had planned doesn’t mean that experiences can’t still be awesome. I walked away from the beach today as the storm clouds gathered and the sharks swam close to the shore, feeling loved and part of something extremely special.

I am not saying that being Mormon is the only way to feel the kind of love and acceptance that I felt today, but being a part of a group is definitely the best way to get there. The other day on Oprah, some guy named Troy the Locator said “who loves you when you need them, that’s your family.” Not everyone gets the family of their dreams and that’s okay. This is America people, where all are entitled to the pursuit of happiness AND a family that makes them feel loved and accepted like they deserve.


2 Responses to “I No Longer Bowl Alone…”

  1. Thanks for quoting my appearance on Oprah! Clearly we share the same outlook on life. Your beach trip was proof-positive that we need to count our blessings. Thanks for the fun description of your beach journey! 🙂

    “The Locator”
    p.s. Enjoy Fast Sunday tomorrow. 😉

  2. Shauna Hostetler Says:

    It was such a perfect day in so many ways. I’ll share my Coke or Water with K any day.

    And yes, I am so happy we are in the same family!

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