Freshmeat on my Treadmill…

August 19, 2010

I have found lately that one of my favorite things to do is to run on my treadmill while watching “Freshmeat II” on MTV- I know, I know, I’m losing braincells by the minute. Here’s why: when I feel like I’m gonna die, I watch these stupid young, skinny, punky girls with their foul mouths and bad taste in boys who have too many tattoos and I think to myself,” if they can do ridiculous painful challenges while being yelled at by their partners and closely followed by cameras, I sure as Hell can run a marathon.” I realize that this doesn’t make any sense but for some reason bitterness works for me.

I took my body for granted when I did triathlons- I was super young and hadn’t had babies yet and was a superhero compared to where I am now physically. These babies have literally and figuratively sucked the life out of me. I laid in a bed for almost a year and a half in total, plugged with IVs and medications to carry these rugrats and in so many ways I keep paying the piper. My muscle mass has depleted and I weigh more than I have in a long time. Let’s not even talk about where I am cardio-wise!

But here’s the thing, these babies that keep me from sleeping at night and being able to eat my spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A in peace are totally worth every extra pound of flesh on my body and extra minute on my mile. But that doesn’t mean that when I’m running, I don’t imagine pounding my Nikes all over Jen’s overly made up skinny  face. Oh by the way, if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to my LLS page for my marathon that would be super awesome.

PS- My best parenting moment yesterday consisted of me yelling to my child from across the room, “Make sure your head doesn’t go through the coffee table!” Good thing I have really tough kids.


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